Free tours that are included in the ticket

Day of the week Excursion Length, km Surcharge, ₽
Car tour Walking tour
Monday Silver source - 8 -
Tuesday Chemal Patmos Island 25 2 -
Wednesday Mountain Review + pottery - 2 -
Thursday Blue Lakes - 6 Boat (200 rubles / person)
Friday Golovan Gallery - 5 150
Saturday Source Kara-Suu - 4 -
Sunday Askatskie Dunes - 3 -
Monday Cherga. Cheese factory 40 - 300
Tuesday Chemal hydroelectric station 27 2 -
Wednesday On the bank of the Katun - 5 -

Excursions are paid, which do not go to the ticket

Type of Excursion Cost of
Auto-horseback excursions Horse ride to the Emorlinsky waterfall 400-500 ₽
Horse ride on the island of Chindash with a picnic 1500 ₽
Karakol lakes (on horseback) 1700 ₽
Auto-walking tours Kamyshlinsky waterfall 350 ₽
Karakol lakes 1800 ₽/900 ₽+100 ₽
Tuyuk lakes 1000 ₽
Bus excursions Altai ail 360 ₽
Beshpeltir maral 250 ₽
Botanical Garden 300 ₽
On a visit to bison 400 ₽
Chemal hydroelectric station (visit to the temple on the island of Patmos) 350 ₽
Archaeological sites of Altai 600 ₽
Tavda caves 400 ₽
Valley of mountain spirits 400 ₽
By the sites of ancient people 400 ₽
According to the Chuisky tract 1500 ₽
Seminsky Pass 500 ₽
Turquoise Katun 400 ₽
Oroktoyskaya cave 500 ₽
Lake Aya 400 ₽
Teletskoye lake 2000 ₽
Lake Manzherok 400 ₽
Cultural programs Center of Russian culture "Ten-handle" 350-450 ₽
Walking tours Climbing Mountain Sightseeing 150 ₽
Mountain Sugun-Tuu (Lukovka) 350 ₽
Silver Spring 200 ₽
Mount Manzherok 200 ₽

Our company “Belovodie” is a touristic and resort operator.

Dear friends!

We have our own sanatorium in the spa zone of the Chemal area of the Altai Republic. The sanatorium is placed in a pine wood on the shore of the mountain stream Katun. The beautiful color of the river turning from sky-blue to emerald green brings true delight to the tourists watching it. Altai nature is created for relaxation together with the activities that at the same time give the best opportunities for restoring health. The sanatorium has the courses of the oriental medicine, massages, acupuncture, local herbs and muds and products of the local ibex antlers. Those who wish can also try a course of the therapeutic fasting.

This year we are planning the construction of the new hotel campus for the accommodation of the tourists near the sanatorium. Besides there is a project for five “park-hotels” places in different touristic areas of Altai, the land for those has already been purchased. Tourists might spend the whole time of their stay in one of the hotels or transfer from one to another. “Golden Ring of Altai” is a tour-route designed and exploited by us for over then 15 years and though the objects of accommodation are not so high-equipped by now, it’s still has bee always very popular among the customers.

The interest towards naturalistic tourism keeps growing both in Russia and abroad. There are not so many places that provide the tourists with an opportunities to travel through the ecologically pure places with the amazing nature having a wide choice of activities to choose from such as car routes, equestrian routes, hiking, rafting down the river, mountaineering, hand gliding and etc.

Transferring from one touristic area to another in comfortable conditions, tourists will observe the Altai region in all its varieties of natural resources and beauty and experience all kinds of touristic activities depending on their own physical abilities. We have no doubt about the popularity of Altai, which touristic potential keeps growing despite of the political and economic crisis in our country, leading to its self-isolation.

In order to attract tourists from other countries we would like to become a part of “time-share” system such as yours, selling accommodation time in Altai

hotels. We seek for your counsel with an eye to further cooperation.

Would you please provide us with as much information as you can about what we need to do to make our hotels proper for becoming a part of your timeshare system? So that Russian customers purchasing the “timeshare” in Altai hotels can also become members of your timeshare club? What are the requirements for the conditions of service and accommodation that we must provide in our hotels? What is the minimum living area for the rooms? Is it possible to purchase timeshare weeks in our hotels not only for leasing but for the ownership? Are their any specific requirements for the contracts of the timeshare?

We would be very grateful for your answer and if these kinds of support is not for free, we are ready to purchase the price you tell.