Estimated time:

Arrival at the center from 11.00 - Departure from the center until 9.00 *

* If the person does not release the number more than 2 hours after checkout time, the center has the right to withhold the cost of the first day for staying in the room. We also remind you that for the period of summer treatment it is recommended to submit an application no later than 3-4 months, since the number in our center is limited! Seven-day arrivals are carried out on Fridays!

Upon arrival, you must have: **

  1. Russian passport or international passport
  2. Booking voucher
  3. Sanatorium card
  4. Ultrasound of the abdominal organs
** In the absence of any of the documents, the administration has the right to refuse settlement.

Bus timetable can be viewed HERE

Prices and programs CLG them. prof. Nikolaev can see HERE


Arrival date Date of departure Doctor
March 26 April 09 Galina Kulikova
April 09 April 23 Olga Shved
April 23 May 07 Alexander Lesnichev
May 07 May 21 Galina Kulikova
May 21 June 04 Olga Shved
June 04 June 18 Alexander Lesnichev
June 18 July 02 Galina Kulikova
July 02 July 16 Olga Shved
July 16 July 30 Alexander Lesnichev
July 30 August 13 Galina Kulikova
August 13 August 27 Olga Shved
August 27 September 10 Alexander Lesnichev
September 10 September 24 Galina Kulikova
September 24 October 08 Olga Shved
October 08 October 22 Alexander Lesnichev
October 22 November 05 Galina Kulikova
November 05 November 19 Olga Shved
November 19 December 03 Alexander Lesnichev
December 03 December 17 Galina Kulikova

We inform you! That settling in our center is carried out strictly according to an established schedule. Standard check-in is calculated for 14 days, where, in accordance with the wellness program, appointed by the Center doctor.

Most of the patients who go to the 7-day program, are recommended "Kursovki" with accommodation outside the center, in the village at the Katun camp site or at neighboring recreation centers. Standard vouchers for 14 days or more are sold first. Arrival of new visitors is carried out - from 11 o'clock, and Departure till 9 o'clock.

If the number is not released:

  • more than 2 hours after checkout time - the cost is charged in the amount of 700 rubles per day per person. Payment only stay! Extension of stay - on-site treatment is issued only upon availability.

  • it is also possible to buy a voucher for treatment, and to live in the village, the Katun Chalet or at the neighboring recreation centers.

For patients who, due to respectful circumstances, cannot visit the Center on specified dates, the option of arrival at the convenient day of the week is possible, but with the obligatory indication of the validity of the reason (flight schedule, impossibility to combine vacation, etc.).

In the case of illness, training, etc. The doctor in charge of the race may be replaced by another. Therefore, if you want to get on the arrival of a particular doctor, please, before buying a plane ticket or train, specify who will lead the race.

Reception of patients is conducted all year round. You can specify the date of arrival by phone: +7 (383) 207-92-93, +7 (905) 222-71-72 (around the clock), e-mail or any other method available to you! See you in our health center!