How to get to us? Transport delivery to the center.

Organized bus delivery from Novosibirsk and Barnaul is carried out in the summer period from June to September. Delivery is carried out in accordance with the schedule of arrivals. The bus leaves on Thursday, the day before the start of the standard fourteen-day check-in. Departure time at 10:00 PM Novosibirsk time from the office of the company (the departure time of the bus learn in addition to the contacts listed on the site). It is recommended to drive to the office one hour before the scheduled departure time of the bus.

ATTENTION! All holidaymakers who travel on our vehicles before boarding a minibus should go to the accompanying manager in the office and check in attendance.

Nearest cities to us:

  • Novosibirsk ~ 500 km
  • Barnaul ~ 327 km
  • Biysk 167 ~ km
  • Gorno-Altaisk ~ 105 km

Shipping cost:

  • Adult 2,700 p / person. there and back (Novosibirsk - Center named after Nikolayev - Novosibirsk)
  • Adult 1650 p / person in one direction. (Novosibirsk - Nikolaev Center)
  • Child 2100 round trip (Novosibirsk - Center named after Nikolaev - Novosibirsk)
  • Child 1500 p / person one way. (Novosibirsk - Nikolaev Center)

ATTENTION! Payment for unclaimed transport delivery is not refundable!

Those who wish to travel on their own can purchase bus tickets to the Turbaza Katun stop (Chemal bus direction) from the bus stations in Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Biisk, Gorno-Altaisk. The cost of the ticket and bus timetables can be clarified in the reference bus stations by calling:

  • +7 (3852) 61-79-79 — Bus station of Barnaul
  • +7 (383) 223-14-14, 223-25-00 — Bus station of Novosibirsk
  • +7 (38822) 2-24-57 — Bus station of Gorno-Altaisk
  • +7 (38841) 22-517 — Bus station Chemal

ATTENTION! Prior to the trip advance booking is MANDATORY!

Individual delivery!

You can order an individual minibus for a group or a passenger car. You can order a passenger car for 4 people or a minibus for 8 people. Fare in a minibus in one direction for a car with a capacity of 8 people:

  • from Novosibirsk - 12,800 rubles. (at 1600r / person)
  • from Barnaul - 8500 rubles.
  • from Biysk - 4500 rubles.
  • from Gorno-Altaisk - 2000 rubles.