Basic information for patients of the center

Dear guests of our center, before buying a ticket, be sure to read the information.


If you are going to a medical fasting program, then in order to get the maximum effect from the treatment and prevent possible deterioration of the condition, you must first sanitize the foci of a chronic infection: visit the dentist, ENT specialist, women gynecologist.

Recovery programs on the background of a reduced diet and fasting suppose liver cleansing (a combination of medicinal herbs, vegetable oil and lemon juice), so before visiting the Belovodye rehabilitation center you need to undergo an ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs (the duration of the study should not exceed 6 months from check in).

If you periodically feel pain in the area of the heart, interruptions in its work or your age is over 45, then you definitely need to record an electrocardiogram.

1-2 weeks before the start of treatment, it is recommended to switch to lacto-vegetarian food, exclude meat, fish, eggs and alcoholic beverages from the diet, and it is recommended to drink 2 liters of pure water per day (approximately, because everyone has their own drinking mode), adding to each glass one pinch of non-iodized rock salt without additives (so that the water does not become salty, if it becomes salty, then it is poured, reduce the amount of salt). Such a preparatory stage will significantly enhance the effect of treatment and allow for a more smooth transition to therapeutic fasting.


To visit the procedures, especially water, it is good to have clothes like a household terry robe. Since our center is surrounded by mountains and on the banks of the Katun mountain river, take warm clothes (such as a tracksuit), hiking shoes for excursions, in winter - a ski suit, in summer and autumn and spring - a plastic cape from rain or umbrella.

Since at a certain stage of fasting, dry skin and mucous membranes increase, then take with you hygienic lipstick and any base skin oil (peach, apricot, grape seed, wheat germ, almond, cedar, etc.).

Take care of depositing your cell phone account in advance or take express payment cards with you. A network of MTS (Novosibirsk segment) and Beeline (Barnaul segment), Megafon operates on the territory of the Center. If you like fishing, be sure to bring the appropriate gear (fishing rod, spinning). In addition to the main types of services that are included in the recovery program you have chosen, there are additional paid services in the VWC, such as acupuncture, Chinese acupressure, anti-cellulite massage, hirudotherapy, etc.

As documents you need to take with you for treatment!

To complete the course in one of the selected wellness program at the Center for Rehabilitation Treatment "Nikolaeva", you need to prepare and bring along the following medical documents:

  • Filled spa card.
  • Ultrasound examination of abdominal organs: liver, kidney, gall.
  • ECG.
  • Analyzes confirming the presence of a parasitic disease (for those traveling for treatment under program number 3).
  • Analyzes and test results for your chronic illness, if any.
  • If you suffer from diseases of the joints or the spine, be sure to take X-rays, computer or magnetic resonance imaging.

Warning! According to the current legislation, the sanatorium and resort institution has the right to refuse treatment to patients in the absence of the listed documents at the time of arrival to the sanatorium. A patient who arrives at a sanatorium without the necessary medical examinations may live in a sanatorium, go on excursions included in the price, but without procedures and at the price of the wellness program without recalculating the cost of the voucher.


Распорядок дня
7.00 AM - 7.30 AM Wake up
7.30 AM - 8.00 AM Lifting, personal hygiene (toilet, brushing teeth and tongue, washing)
8.00 AM - 9.00 AM Gymnastics with leading doctors
9.00 AM - 10.00 AM Initiation of procedures (physiotherapy, enemas, etc.)
9.20 AM - 13.00 PM Daily checkup with a doctor
13.00 PM - 13.20 PM Exercises for vision (gymnastics for the eyes)
9.00 AM - 14.00 PM Medical procedures (phyto barrels, massage, etc.) and walks
14.00 PM - 16.00 PM Free tours of Altai. 2-3 days after check-in
16.00 PM - 20.00 PM Therapeutic procedures (sauna, salt baths, add. Services), free time walks
19.00 PM Intestinal cleansing with enema (as prescribed by a doctor)
20.00 PM Lectures. Training program on the restoration and maintenance of health. Questions and answers
21.00 PM - 22.00 PM Evening walk, hygiene procedures
22.00 PM - 7.00 PM Time relax