Center them. Professor Nikolaev Yuri Sergeyevich opened its doors to visitors in the distant 1998 and is located in an amazing place on the banks of the mountain river "Katun", Chemal district in the Altai Republic. The center is surrounded by densely pine forests and is surrounded by centuries-old mountains. Also, according to tradition, for our clients, during a fast from the Katun tour base, excursions around the Chemal District, from hiking to rafting, are arranged every day!



Our center is located on the territory of the Katun tour base, in a winter two-storey building. Cedar decoration of the rooms will not leave anyone indifferent, and the purest air, mountain water, will make the fasting course very easy and unforgettable! You can reach us from the city of Novosibirsk ~ 500km., From Barnaul ~ 300km., From Biisk ~ 200km., From Gorno-Altaisk ~ 80km. The best route is the flight from Moscow to Gorno-Altaisk and from it by transfer or by regular bus to our center.


The main methods of treatment in our center are: climatotherapy, therapeutic fasting, phytotherapy, pantotreatment (neo-stiffened maral horns) and a wide range of drug-free methods of restoring and cleansing the body (cleansing the liver, intestines, skin, kidneys, expelling parasites). We accept people from all over Russia and countries of near abroad, Europe and America. One of the main tasks that we set for ourselves is to bring the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human health into harmony, to correct his lifestyle. All this is achieved through individual and collective conversations and classes with the attending doctor, restorative procedures (massages, baths, phyto barrels, mud, physiotherapy equipment), excursions, recreational gymnastics and individual recommendations. Our work with patients is based on the concept of integrative medicine - a reasonable combination of traditions of the East (Traditional Chinese medicine, Yoga, Ayurveda) and the West (American, European and Slavic naturopathy), as well as modern medical advances.


The package includes such procedures as:



Doctors TsLG them. prof. Nikolayeva, Lesnichev Alexander Gennadievich (head doctor of the center) and Olga Vasilievna Shved (lead doctor of the center) - they themselves are active supporters of a healthy lifestyle and practice lacto-vegetarian food (dairy and vegetable diet), they regularly use therapeutic fasting and cleansing naturopathic procedures. Doctors of the Center, in addition to knowledge of therapy, herbal medicine and unloading diet therapy, are familiar with the methods of traditional medicine (acupuncture, acupressure, hirudotherapy, manual therapy, etc.).

The nursing staff of the center works on a shift, rotational basis (2 weeks each) and come from nearby cities, they all have a lot of experience both in theory and in practice according to the methods of "Medical fasting". All procedures are strictly monitored Doctors and honey. center staff! At this stage, we are constantly improving, applying new methods and practices in the treatment of hunger. We specialize in unique and very effective methods: endoecological cleansing of the body (medical fasting, cleansing the body of slags and parasites) and herbal medicine. It is in the conditions of a mountain climatic resort that these methods are most effective and bring a good result after the first days of treatment.


We differ from other centers of starvation in that we pay attention to the psychological and spiritual sphere, human life, we are not limited to the physical side of the issue. We are sure that in the course on “Medical starvation” you will get a lot of new ideas and knowledge for yourself, as well as be able to get it all on the discs recorded specially for you. Physician lectures and individual psychological conversations are held every day during the course. Having listened to the course of evening lectures, you can deeply understand what your health depends on and what practical steps should be taken to strengthen and restore it.



The rooms for staying in the center are quite simple, there are 2 categories "Standard" and "Economy", they include single, double and double rooms. The decoration in the rooms is made of "Altai Cedar", the most environmentally-friendly material that can only be. The rooms have everything you need: a wardrobe, a coffee table, bedside tables, beds, and some rooms have armchairs and a sofa. On the territory of the center there is free Wi-Fi, as well as a rest room, where in your free time you can pass the leisure time, for example: play games, watch a movie or chat.



The purest mountain air and water, the murmur of turquoise Katun, all this is available in our center now. Healing microclimate will help to pass "Medical starvation" - without any problems and discomfort. On the territory of the center there are benches, tables, gazebos, where you can easily spend warm, summer and spring evenings. Just next to our center there is a park zone, the Tursib base, where there is a football and volleyball field, an embankment, gazebos and even a water park, where you can also spend time.