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Scientists know that a person can go without food for an average of 3 weeks. And without water-a maximum of a week. But the practice of fasting is very ambiguous: traditional medicine, as a rule, does not accept it, pointing to a bunch of negative points, and alternative-idolizes, believing that fasting is a panacea.

Fasting is a condition that is caused by an insufficient supply of substances necessary to maintain the body's self-regulation. At the same time, there is a so-called "therapeutic fasting", which is practiced by adherents of alternative medicine. They voluntarily give up food and water for a while and claim that the body is thus cleansed and becomes healthier

Fat deposits are the body's reserve stock. He gets to them only when it is impossible to squeeze more glucose out of the muscles and liver. Therefore, it is so difficult to lose the weight gained — you still need to get to the folds. This was designed by nature to ensure survival in conditions of alternating short periods of abundance with prolonged "lean" periods.

But the supply of glucose in the form of glycogen in the body is small — about 2.5 thousand calories. It is enough for the average person-a man weighing 75 kg-for about a day and a half without food in the absence of increased physical activity.

When fat is broken down, ketones are formed, which are more efficient than glucose fuel. When burning 1 gram of glucose, only 4 kCal is released, and when burning 1 gram of fat-9 kCal. On fat reserves, you can last twice as long as on the same reserves of glycogen from glucose. At the same time, both the brain and the muscles receive a charge of energy.

With strict diets and therapeutic fasting, people can't think about anything but food for the first two days, they feel irritated and depressed, but on the 3-4 day they have a second wind: they wake up creative abilities, it is easier to focus attention

Types of therapeutic fasting

Большинство голодовок можно классифицировать по длительности:

  • Periodic. These are different schemes of fasting, when a person does not eat anything for a certain period, and then includes some products in the diet. The schemes are different: 16 hours of hunger, 8 hours of normal nutrition, 20 hours of hunger – 4 hours of nutrition. This is rather not a diet, but a lifestyle that can be followed for more than one month or even a year
  • Cascade fasting. The same thing, but the frequency is no longer in hours, but in days and weeks.

Attention! With such types of diets, it is necessary to strictly observe the frequency and carefully select the products during the periods of nutrition.

Benefits of therapeutic fasting for weight loss

  1. Fast and safe weight loss occurs during fasting;
  2. A person is much easier to tolerate fasting, since there is no constant feeling of hunger;
  3. With weight loss, there is no sagging or sagging of the skin and tissues;
  4. Weight loss during fasting is accompanied by a healthy body and an improvement in general well-being (breathing becomes free, ease of movement increases, constant fatigue disappears, the feeling of overflow in the abdominal cavity and symptoms of indigestion decreases, the pressure and the overall load on the heart decreases).

Factors that affect weight loss:

  • the younger a person is, the faster he breaks up with excess weight;
  • the more excess weight, the easier it is to burn;
  • the presence of additional procedures, such as baths, enemas.

For a week's course of fasting, you will lose weight by 8-10% of the original weight.

Fasting has been a registered form of medical care for 60 years. It has the methodology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. It refers to an alternative type of medicine, the effectiveness of which is clinically proven. In contrast to the diet, the body during fasting completely switches to nutrition at the expense of the internal reserves of the body.

Clean the body of toxins, rejuvenate the body at the cellular level, and get a gift of lightness, harmony and a charge of vivacity? Maybe! Such pleasant "SIDE EFFECTS" you will get after the program of Therapeutic fasting