Low calorie diet at the center of Belovody

Unorganized working day, stress, constant snacks, fried foods, nutritional supplements - all this leads to the fact that the body's work goes astray from a normal biological rhythm. Because of this, the metabolism is disturbed, not only extra pounds appear, but also serious health problems in general.

How to deal with the destructive influence of such a lifestyle?

A low-calorie diet is a properly balanced diet, as well as a certain lifestyle. Properly selected composition of products will provide a toned figure, health, beautiful and well-groomed skin for many years

The main advantage of such a nutrition system is to achieve excellent results without stress for the body. The versatility of a low-calorie diet allows you to apply it not only to healthy people, but can also be prescribed to people suffering from diabetes or obesity.

The reduced calorie content allows you to gently affect the metabolism and restore healthy eating habits. The first thing to understand is that nutrition should be rational and correctly selected in terms of the amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in accordance with the age, gender, weight of the patient and his illnesses.

The health-improving effect of a low-calorie diet is achieved through several important rules, following which weight is reduced, and overall health is improved:

  • organization of food - food on the clock at regular intervals;
  • dosage of nutrition - eating a strictly fixed amount of food;
  • exceptions from the diet heavy for the digestion of animal products;
  • the predominance in the diet of vegetables and fruits rich in fiber and fermented milk drinks that improve bowel function.

Such a diet of a low-calorie diet eliminates overeating, toxin formation, saves energy and allows you to redirect it to those places where it is most needed, and also enhances the elimination of already accumulated toxins.

And most importantly - you should tune your body to a positive end result. Yes, dieting also needs to be in the mood. Emotions are a huge bonus in such a not-so-simple matter as diet. Sometimes you can treat yourself to delicious, but at the beginning of the day and in small quantities. Instead of sweets, it’s more useful to eat dried fruits - raisins or dried apricots. And in tea it is better to use honey.

The Belovodie Health Center offers a wellness program amid a low-calorie diet. The program provides two options for a low-calorie diet. The first option is designed for people who are overweight, the second is more suitable for people with normal weight or underweight. In the first version, a salt-free diet is used with the inclusion of dried apricots, rice, vegetable broths and fermented milk products in the diet. In the second embodiment, the food is dairy and vegetable, without strict salt restrictions.

Please note that those who suffer from chronic diseases should be as careful as possible in choosing diets. It is better to entrust the choice of diet to a qualified specialist. So, for example, at evening lectures on a healthy lifestyle, Belovodiya doctors will help develop an individual nutrition system based on the characteristics of the body of each patient.