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Diseases that we treat by fasting!

The list of indications and contraindications for therapeutic fasting differs from one specialist to another. According to the long-term experience of our center, many diseases that have an official contraindication to therapeutic fasting can be treated with hunger.

Diseases that can be treated by fasting:

Skin diseases:
Eczema; Psoriasis, Neurodermatitis; Chronic urticaria; Trophic ulcers, Dermatitis, Atopic dermatitis; Clogged dermatitis, Dermatosis. learn more

Bronchopulmonary diseases:
Bronchial asthma; Stage I and II lung sarcoidosis; Chronic pneumonia; Bronchitis, Pollinosis: Hypertension; Atherosclerosis of the cerebral vessels; Neurocirculatory and vegetative-vascular dystonia of the hypertensive type; Cardiosclerosis (outside of heart failure). learn more

Allergic diseases:
Allergy; Food allergy; Drug allergy; Allergic dermatitis; Allergic asthma. learn more

Gastrointestinal diseases:
Chronic gastritis and gastroduodenitis; Peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum (stage of remission); Chronic enteritis and colitis; biliary dyskinesia; irritable bowel syndrome; Drug or food polyallergia; Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (type II), Obesity of alimentary, Diencephalic and constitutional origin. learn more

Urological diseases:
Prostatitis; Prostate adenoma, Chronic pyelonephritis; Cystitis.& nbsp; learn more

Gynecological diseases: 
Infertility (arising on the basis of past inflammatory diseases; dysovaryl infertility; ovarian cysts; mastopathy; fibroids; adnexitis, uterine polyps; endometriosis, oovaritis, salpingitis; adhesive processes); uterine fibroids; adhesive, inflammatory processes in the pelvis. learn more

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: 
Infectious polyarthritis; Polyarthritis of a metabolic-dystrophic nature; Rheumatoid arthritis; Deforming osteoarthritis; Bekhterev's disease; Autoimmune arthropathies. learn more

Neurological diseases: 
Osteochondrosis; migraine; consequences of traumatic brain injuries and concussions of the brain; neuralgia; neuritis, dystrophy of the intervertebral discs; protrubitis and herniated discs of the spine. learn more

Psychological diseases:
Depression; Disorders learn more

Nikolaev Yu. S. - Fasting for the sake of health.

Hunger! This is probably one of the most terrible words. At all times, the people were afraid of famine and did everything to prevent it. In our understanding, hunger is associated with death or torment, in this regard, it is difficult to imagine that it can be useful, but it is so.

Yuri Nikolaev, Doctor of Medical Sciences, developed the so-called method of RDT (fasting and dietary therapy), in other words, the method of "Therapeutic fasting". The strange thing is that in the Soviet Union, anyone could receive such treatment from a therapist. Most patients were first referred to the RDT department, and the results of the therapeutic fasting method were several times higher than the therapeutic treatment. It is worth considering why this method is not so popular and who benefits from it in the first place... Today you have the opportunity to take a course of fasting according to the method of Professor Nikolaev in our center "Belovodie". A unique journey will allow you to learn about the impact of fasting on the treatment of many diseases and overall life expectancy, as well as get useful recommendations and heal from many ailments.

After reading the book " Fasting for health." Forgotten achievements of Soviet medicine, you will surely be able to change your view of your own body and better understand the well-known saying: "Hunger is not an aunt, but a mother."


" The goal of therapeutic fasting is to restore normal body functions and eliminate the causes of the disease, which are primarily associated with an incorrect lifestyle. If it continues after treatment, conditions will quickly be created that can again cause the disease.