About fasting treatment at the center of Belovody

Fasting is the most effective way to rejuvenate the body. In addition, starvation stimulates stem cell growth and prolongs life for 15-25 years. Practical studies confirm that no matter what diseases the starving people try to get rid of, rejuvenation is accompanied by recovery.

The opinion of scientists about the treatment of hunger!

Explained the process of rejuvenation at the cellular level studies of American biologists. They proved that hunger provokes changes in the functioning of mitochondria (often referred to as "energy factories") in difficult times for cells, which allows you to extend the life of the cell and postpone its death.

Scientists from Harvard, Cornell, and the U.S. National Institute of Health, led by Harvard Associate Professor David Sinclair, have shown that starvation activates a protein encoded by the NAMPT gene, which helps saturate mitochondria with coenzyme molecules nicotinamide adenine dinucleotides (NAD), one of the main energy carriers in the cell.

It is the abundance of NAD, according to the researchers, that allows the full use of the “youth enzymes” of the mitochondria encoded by SIRT3 and SIRT4 — instead of the natural extinction of the activity of organelles, which inevitably leads to the death of the entire cell, mitochondria not only restore their efficiency, but begin to work better than when whatever.

The increased return with which mitochondria begin to produce energy can significantly slow down the aging process of cells, almost disabling the natural mechanism of suicide of old cells.

Moreover, activation of mitochondria can temporarily compensate for the loss of all other sources of life in the cell. Even if its core turns out to be completely inoperative, making further maintenance of a vital unit pointless, the mechanism of cellular suicide refuses to start.

How exactly mitochondria block the death of cells, scientists do not yet know, but the fact that starvation stimulates the ability of cells to self-clean is indisputable.

Fasting Stimulates Stem Cell Growth

Thanks to stem cells, our tissues and internal organs are renewed. However, over the years, the number of stem cells decreases, which means that we lose the ability to maintain and maintain youth.

Practical observations have shown that the action of stem cells in the treatment of a particular organ is accompanied by such a positive effect as an energy surge, increased vitality, general rejuvenation of the patient's body until gray hair disappears.

Scientists noticed a similar effect during their exit from therapeutic fasting, which prompted them to conduct an experiment with measuring the number of stem cells before and after a course of fasting.

It turned out that by the end of fasting, the number of stem cells in the patient’s blood decreases, however, after a week of getting out of hunger, their number doubles at first, and then triples in two weeks compared to the initial one. Thanks to this experiment, for the first time it was possible to prove that starvation contributes to an increase in the number of stem cells, which means stimulation of the physiological processes of regeneration and growth of protein structures.

Scientific studies have shown that the positive effect of even a week of fasting lasts several months. According to scientists, by stimulating fasting stem cell growth, life can be prolonged by 15-25 years! Each person can create in himself a kind of stem cell bank for storing from several months to a year his own genetic reserve of health, so necessary for the creative process and business activity.

In the process of prolonged fasting, the body is actively cleansed, gets rid of old and diseased cells. Their place is taken by stem cells. That is why therapeutic fasting not only cures many diseases, but also leads to rejuvenation and healing of the body.

Anti-aging effect of fasting

The rejuvenating effect of therapeutic fasting is manifested, first of all, in a marked improvement in the condition of the skin of patients, it is cleansed, rashes disappear. Velvety appearance and a pleasant healthy complexion appear, some even have a blush. The skin looks more toned, fine wrinkles are smoothed out.

After a fasting course, his eyes are clear with a gleam in his eyes. The sense of smell and sensations of taste receptors are aggravated. In some patients, hearing and vision are improved. The anti-aging effect of fasting on patients whose weight is closer to normal is especially noticeable. To strengthen the hair during a course of therapeutic fasting, it is recommended to massage the scalp and hair mask.

Rejuvenation of the body by starvation is also displayed on internal recovery: cells, tissues, organs are rejuvenated, the work of the cardiovascular, digestive, excretory systems, and also the respiratory system is improved. Cleansing from the toxins at the cellular level is the most important prerequisite for the general rejuvenation of the body, reducing the functional (biological) age of a person.

Fasting rejuvenation is expressed in the elimination of sexual dysfunctions, sexual disorders of both men and women. Representatives of both sexes have increased sex drive, body sensitivity increases, orgasmic sensations become stronger. These positive changes are explained by the general strengthening and healing effect of starvation on all organs and their systems, and the sexual health of a person, as you know, is directly dependent on his physical health.

And, of course, the psychological aspect - after cleansing of toxins, lightness appears in the body, the body seems to take off the burden of the past years, which positively affects the general emotional background of the patient, instilling self-confidence and increasing vitality.

Body rejuvenation against the background of starvation in Belovodiya

It must be understood that rejuvenation is a difficult process and requires regular preventive courses and constant self-monitoring.

Rejuvenation of the body in Belovodiya is a whole complex of measures aimed at improving the condition of the body as a whole and its individual organs and systems in particular. Important components are regular courses of fasting, a set of measures to cleanse the body, subsequent proper nutrition, adherence to the daily regimen and exercise.

How to build a lifestyle after undergoing a course of therapeutic fasting in order to remain young, beautiful and resist aging, Belovodiya doctors will tell about this at daily evening lectures. Following the recommendations of our doctors on a healthy lifestyle to maintain youth, you can stay in shape for many years.

And remember that your beauty and youth are in your hands!